Looking Back

It's time to close the books for the working year 2010. And it's good to take a look back, at the projects you've been busy with. Actually, you really should make a list of your accomplishments, because day in, day out in your every day routines seem to bury them.

And the only thing you seem to recollect is the aching feeling of being only halfway there, too many things unaccomplished..

How grand it is to be able to be satisfied with what you've done.

Just before Christmas I visited my friend in the middle of her mourning. What a different Christmas she got. It was only the night before that I got education on how to prepare a traditional Christmas course à la Häme. There was also a knitting at hand.

The very next morning my friend found her mother in eternal peace. Who on earth will finish the knitting for her now, my friend pondered in the middle of her sorrow.

I left with the knitting.
It is time to enjoy the company of our loved ones.
Tomorrow, God willing..

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